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Dear Friend,


Would you like to earn $1,000 to $5,000 each week from the comfort of your home? How about MORE than $5000 a week? Would that help you catch up with your bills, and allow you to relax while enjoying the finer things in life? If your answer is yes, then this is the perfect opportunity for you! We are presently in the midst of hiring Home Workers for our busy season, and when we say busy, we do mean BUSY. We desperately need at least 250 Home Workers each week to stuff and mail out our special advertising letters. We have so much work on hand, that we're paying Home Workers $10.00 for each letter stuffed and returned to us as per instructions. That's right, $10.00 EACH, the highest rate in the business.


There is no limit to the number of letters that you can stuff and mail for our company. If we receive 99 letters stuffed and mailed out by you, we'll pay you $990.00. If we receive 149 letters, we'll pay you $1490.00. If we receive 199 letters, we'll pay you $1990.00. If we receive 349 letters, we'll pay you $3,490.00. If we receive 500 letters, we'll pay $5,000.00, and so on. The more letters you stuff and mail, the more money you'll make.


You do not need any special skills, education, or experience to stuff and mail our special advertising letters. As you probably know, STUFFING AND MAILING LETTERS IS ONE OF THE EASIEST JOBS IN THE WORLD. No matter what language you speak or what country you live in, stuffing envelopes can make you very wealthy, very quickly. Stuffing envelopes simply means putting a letter or circular into an envelope, sealing it, and dropping it in a mailbox.


It's that simple! All you have to do is stuff the envelopes that we send you with the letters that we send you, and then mail them out so that you can receive your pay check. Can you find an easier job than this? That pays as well? We certainly can't think of one!  As you read this letter, we have no less than 500,000 letters stacked up to the ceiling in our two warehouses. Every single one these letters has to be stuffed and mailed out within the next few weeks.

Our staff definitely cannot handle the job of stuffing and mailing out 500,000 letters within the required time. That's where you come into the picture. We need your help right away to stuff and mail out these letters as quickly as possible. As stated above, we pay $10.00 per letter stuffed and returned to us. Even at that phenomenal pay rate, we still save a great deal of money that would otherwise have to be spent on bigger office space and additional staff.


Your job is simply stuffing the special advertising letters that WE PROVIDE, into envelopes that WE PROVIDE, label, seal, and mail them out to RECEIVE PAYMENT FROM US. Other companies don't actually send you the envelopes. You have to run advertisements to get self addressed stamped envelopes from prospective customers. That's the PRIMARY DIFFERENCE between other companies and ours. WE WILL SEND YOU THE ENVELOPES AND THE LETTERS TO STUFF INTO THOSE ENVELOPES, WE ALSO PAY FOR POSTAGE.


Carefully read the circulars that you receive from other companies. Notice that they  are very vague about what your package contains, and also note they don't tell you if they are the ones who will send the envelopes and circulars to stuff. All they'll say is that the envelopes will come to you pre-addressed, with postage stamps affixed. THAT MEANS that you'll have to advertise in newspapers or magazines in order to get people to send you the self-addressed envelopes. WE ARE DIFFERENT! WE SEND YOU THE ENVELOPE AND LETTERS TO BE STUFFED, AND OFFER AN UNMATCHED PAY RATE.


You will not have to pay for postage stamps. All postage cost is reimbursable...That means it's FREE! You will not have to do any form of advertising whatsoever! No newspaper ads... no magazine ads, no bulletin board ads. No advertising at all. We also do not deduct taxes from your paychecks. You get the full amount. We will send you a 1099 form at the end of the year, when you're ready to file your taxes. Please note: All pay checks are mailed on Tuesdays, so you'll receive them by Friday.


You will not be stuffing or mailing anything that is illegal, or that will be of an offensive nature. Our literature meets the requirements of all regulatory agencies and is attorney reviewed. You will have NO worries. Just stuff the special letters that WE WILL SEND YOU, into envelopes that WE WILL SEND YOU, and GET PAID FOR THE WORK YOU DO.

For your convenience, we have established 5 Different Income Groups. Each group has a different earning potential, and a different number of starting supplies. The earning potential in group 1 is $990.00 weekly. Group 2 is $1490.00. Group 3 is $1990.00. Group 4, our most popular group has an earning potential of $3,400.00 weekly. With Group 5, our largest and best priced group, you have the potential to make $5,000.00 and more weekly. This group may be ordered individually or as an upgrade from Group 4 as explained on the application. To clarify what you'll receive, if you start in  Group 3, we'll send you a large priority package containing 199 envelopes, 199 special letters, 199 customer mailing labels, and our easy to follow instructions. Your job will  be to fold all 199 letters, stuff them into the 199 envelopes, seal the envelopes, paste on the customer labels and mail them. If you choose Group 4, we'll send you a large priority package containing 349 envelopes, 349 letters, 349 customer labels, and our Group 5, we'll send you a large package with 500 of each item to be stuffed and mailed.


Along with every paycheck, we can send you fresh mailing supplies so you may continue your mailings uninterrupted. Bear that in mind when you are choosing your income group.


Why do we pay such a high rate? The number of people who respond to our special letters is very high. They like what we offer, and are willing to pay for the opportunities that we present. This is the main reason why we can easily afford to pay you the $10.00 rate. Also, we wish to keep you satisfied and happy with the work you're doing and the money you're making.


Although we need Home Workers to stuff and mail our special letters for the busy season, this is also a year round opportunity. Once you sign up with us, you can stuff and mail our letters for as long as you want. It is truly a home based career opportunity.


Remember, once you are signed up with our program you will be provided with the name and number of your own personal business coach at no charge to you! This coach can answer any additional questions and make sure you get the most out of the best mailing program on the market. You may contact this coach at any time you have a question by phone and or email!

Some people may ask, this program is VERY simple, why would I need a coach?

Answer, you don't. Most people do this program all on their own. But it is nice to have a name and phone number if you do have a question!


IN ORDER TO GET YOU STARTED IMMEDIATELY, we must require a one time computer processing and materials fee. The fee must match the income group that you have selected. This one time fee insures that you're serious about the program, so we aren't sending this material for no reason. Part of the fee is for our accountant to set up a payroll plan, so that you can receive your paycheck promptly each week, as well as keep a record of your earnings. However, this start-up fee will be promptly returned to you after you are in the system and have earned 9 paychecks under your chosen income group. By that time, we know that you are serious about earning money, and not just curious. Naturally, we can't afford to send expensive printed material to everyone who requests it, unless we are certain they want to earn money in our program.


Please look over the different income groups on the enclosed application and decide which one you want to start under. Then rush your application back to us, with the appropriate fee to match your chosen income group. As soon as we receive your application, we'll ship your start-up package to you, so that you can start earning a paycheck in as little as ten days.


Don't waste your time with offers from other companies, whose promises are not worth the paper they're written on. You have the RIGHT OPPORTUNITY IN YOUR HANDS TODAY! Take action now! We can assure you, YOU WON'T REGRET IT. Thank you and welcome to our program.



The Quality Publications Team

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